What Makes an Eco-Friendly City?

At Babcock Ranch, eco-friendly is not a term we throw around lightly. To us, and all the residents who live here, eco-friendly is a lifestyle — from the resources we use to the transportation we take.

We believe eco-friendly cities are the future of sustainable living and we can’t wait to have you join the lifestyle. In case you are wondering what makes a city eco-friendly, here are our top indicators!

Water Conservation

When buying property in eco-friendly cities, take a close look at the landscaping. These cities will opt for low-impact and native landscaping options and limit turf. If there is turf, ask how it is irrigated. Irrigation should use reclaimed water, stormwater, and run-off, which leads to more water conservation.

Alternative Energy

Eco-friendly cities believe in energy sustainability and decreasing society’s carbon footprint. At Babcock Ranch, we want to lead in sustainable practices and that is why we are working to become the most sustainable town in Florida.

We are committed to the production of clean, renewable energy at Babcock Ranch. You can see this at work through the community’s solar trees, the solar panels on our residents’ homes, and in our solar fields.  Currently, our solar field has about 650,000 solar panels that power Babcock Ranch and the surrounding area.

Sustainable Building Practices

It is one thing to commit to sustainability when it’s easy, like using reusable bags at the grocery store, but what about the big choices? Like buying or building eco-friendly homes?

At Babcock Ranch, we make that commitment easy, too. All of our homes have at least a Bronze Standard of Certification or higher from the Florida Green Building Coalition. That means when you buy your home, it already comes with high-performance windows and insulation, tight construction and ducts, efficient heating, and cooling equipment, as well as energy-saving lighting and appliances!

When you are looking at eco-friendly cities, buying a home that meets state sustainability standards is a must.

Keeping it Local

Mother nature gives us plentiful options for food, building materials, and fun right outside our front door. At Babcock Ranch, we pride ourselves on using resources available right on the property. For example, on-site operations provide fill and road aggregate, on-site farming supplies produce for our food and beverage operations, and sod is available from our community sod farm!

Eco-Friendly Living at Babcock Ranch

Interested in learning more about our eco-friendly city? We would love to share our commitment to sustainability with you! Visit our Discovery Center to learn more about Babcock Ranch or contact us at  (941) 235-6900 for more information.