Founder’s Square

The Place to Be

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The Corner Market

Slater’s Goods & Provisions is our neighborhood market, offering fresh produce, a salad bar, wine and a farm-fresh breakfast menu and more. If you’re craving caffeine or something sweet, Square Scoops ice creamery is steps away.Across the street you will find the Lake House Kitchen + Bar, offering residents a relaxing lakefront dining experience.

Work (Not Far) From Home

The Hatchery is our office co-working space that offers a thoughtfully-designed place to work, meet, and collaborate. The Hatchery’s beautiful balcony view is perfect for taking a conference call or an office break for some fresh air.

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Down by the Boardwalk

The boardwalk spans the southern edge of beautiful Lake Babcock. In the evenings, it’s the best spot to enjoy a sunset. During farmer’s markets, craft fairs and festivals, vendors often line the boardwalk 

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Health & Wellness

Lee Health in Founder’s Square offers residents of Babcock Ranch and surrounding communities a vast array of modern, convenient health services and programs that align with the Babcock Ranch vision for wellness and sustainable living.

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