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overview of babcock parks | Babcock Ranch
The PKWY trail and park system at babcock ranch

The PKWY (Coming Soon!)

An exhilarating collection of six new innovative parks nestled in the heart of MidTown, The PKWY invites you to explore and enjoy the outdoors in novel and adventurous ways. Spanning approximately 313 acres of lush preserve space along Babcock Trail Road, The PKWY has endless possibilities for relaxation and fun and offers unique, custom park equipment, themed playgrounds designed to spark the imagination, rolling grassy mounds and multipurpose fields as the perfect setting for picnics, intimate community gatherings and impromptu games. The first three parks scheduled to be completed in summer 2024 are Hillcrest Park, The Lagoon and Bark Park. Bluebird Park and Palmetto Park are scheduled to be completed by the end of 2024, and Explorers Park is scheduled to follow. View this video for a sneak peek of The PKWY.

Bluebird Park (Coming Soon!)

The park will feature grassy mounds, bluebird-themed amenities and innovative playground equipment.

bluebird park
Hillcrest Park at Babcock

Hillcrest Park (Coming Soon!)

Hillcrest takes the high ground with an impressive hill for climbing, slides to the bottom and a two-story observation tower.

The Lagoon (Coming Soon!)

The Lagoon offers serenity and invites anglers to the new 3.3-acre lake for catch-and-release fun in the stocked lake.

The Lagoon Park at Babcock
Explorers Park at Babcock Ranch

Explorers Park (Coming Soon!)

is a one-of-a-kind, fully inclusive, all-abilities park featuring a playground with custom equipment that will allow the imagination to run wild, including a life-size airboat- and enormous alligator-shaped play structures. Special sensory areas will be installed, including a 3-D simulation of a Florida panther and cub along with a sensory farm park. An impressive community garden is sure to please residents with a green thumb. An environmental education center and labyrinth are also in the planning stages for this site.

Bark Park (Coming Soon!)

will bring two fenced-in areas for small and large breeds, agility courses and watering stations.

BARK PARK | Babcock Ranch
PALMETTO PARK | Babcock Ranch

Palmetto Park (Coming Soon!)

is geared for play with a covered basketball court, exercise areas and equipment, a super-sized splash pad with an overhead waterfall, a two-story treehouse-themed playground and more.

Expanding Trail Network

Babcock Ranch was designed to coexist in harmony with, and celebrate, our natural environment. With over 50% of Babcock Ranch (equivalent to 9,000 acres) dedicated to greenways, parks and lakes, the possibilities for outdoor exploration throughout our community are limitless. Whether walking, running, biking or hiking, our vast network of trails offers a fantastic opportunity to encounter our wonderful native flora and fauna, meet your fellow neighbors, visit our parks and simply explore Babcock Ranch.  While strolling along the nature trails, take a moment to learn fun facts and tidbits about the plethora of wildlife on educational displays along the way.

With a planned trail network of 100+ miles of greenways, recreational trails and walking paths, Babcock Ranch encourages an outdoor-centric lifestyle, promoting physical activity, mental clarity and a deep connection to nature. View our trail map to see our many current and future routes.

Expanding Trail Network | Babcock Ranch
Jack Peeples Park at Babcock Ranch

Jack Peeples Park

Located adjacent to Babcock Neighborhood School, Jack Peeples Park spans 4.5 acres, providing a host of outdoor entertainment suitable for all ages and sports enthusiasts. This dynamic park boasts a community multipurpose field, 12 pickleball courts, a complete basketball court, two bocce ball courts and a playground equipped with swings, slides and an exhilarating zipline!

Sunset Park

Nature enthusiasts will be enamored with Dick Cuda Trail, a serene two-mile, pet-friendly recreational loop encircling Sunset Lake where visitors can travel along a natural crushed shell path ideal for walking and biking, while encountering freshwater wetlands and native wildlife that call Babcock Ranch home. Visitors can also traverse a water-spanning boardwalk featuring an observation deck and a fishing pier, and a spacious dog park perfect for any four-legged companion.

Sunset Park at Babcock Ranch
smith sports | Babcock Ranch

William and Mary Ann Smith Sports Complex

Get ready for action! Anticipated to open in 2024, the new 23-acre William and Mary Ann Smith Sports Complex will bring an array of exciting new sport fields to Babcock Ranch. Located behind the Babcock Schools campus, the sports complex will feature a softball field, baseball field, natural turf soccer/multipurpose field, stadium field with running track and skate park. Visitors will have access to the serene Dr. Bill Hammond nature trails via an onsite trailhead.

Flourishing Music & Arts Programs

Whether you are a seasoned musician, looking to hone your existing musical skills or starting on the journey to playing an instrument, then you have a home in Babcock Jams, a new initiative launched in January 2024 consisting of music workshops overseen by Babcock Ranch’s very own artist-in-residence, famed musician, singer and songwriter Dave Isaacs of Nashville. Babcock Jams looks to inspire residents to create music, play and jam out together while strengthening community ties. For more information or to sign up for workshops and classes, visit here.

Art has the power to connect with the human experience, capturing not just visual beauty but also profound narratives. Our monthly adult art classes, guided by skilled local artists, offer an enriching platform for creative expression. From crafting sea-glass windchimes to immersing yourself in “Paint and Sip” sessions, these classes offer diverse creative possibilities while enjoying the company of your neighbors in an intimate setting.

This is the start of a full music and arts program forming at Babcock Ranch. From making music and art to making lifetime connections, Babcock Ranch offers infinite ways for residents to find their perfect lifestyle and home.

music and arts at Babcock Ranch

Life on the Lake

If water sports are your preferred way of being outdoorsy, then skip the trails, grab a kayak or canoe and meet us on Lake Babcock. Babcock Ranch is also a popular location for freshwater catch and release fishing. 

Community Fishing Guidelines
Florida Freshwater Fishing Regulations

Another Kind of Green Living

If you love to get out on the links, Babcock National is our premier golf and country club neighborhood. Home to a spectacular 18-hole golf course designed by Gordon Lewis, residents can enjoy an afternoon of sport at their own pace.