A Love for the Land

Harmony with Nature

Top left | Babcock Ranch
Commitment to Nature Preservation at Babock Ranch

Commitment to Preservation

Through smart, purposeful environmental management, Babcock Ranch has created a harmonious place for humans, flora, and fauna to live together in lush, beautiful surroundings only found in Florida. For more than 100 years, this land was a working ranch. The Babcock family took care of the property, sustaining habitats for abundant wildlife. Today, more than 50% of the property is set aside for green spaces, parks, and nature paths, and we have intentionally developed our town in ways that ensure careful tending of the land will continue forever.

Home to Wildlife and Natural Vegetation

More than 30 indigenous animal species live within Babcock Ranch, just as they have for hundreds of years – from Florida panthers to burrowing owls, pine snakes to great blue herons, and the ubiquitous American alligator. Babcock Ranch has a Florida panther mitigation plan for its survivability and protection of approximately 11,000 acres of panther habitat that includes the protection of the Florida Wildlife Corridor, which provides habitat connectivity for their continued population recovery efforts.

There are many habitat communities that are found within the 13,000 acres of preserves managed by Babcock Ranch including pine flatwoods, hydric pine, freshwater marsh, wet prairie, palmetto prairie, cypress domes, oak hammocks, wetlands, pasture and so much more. Careful environmental management includes important land management tools such as exotic vegetation removal & maintenance including mechanical & chemical control, exotic fauna control including feral hog management, prescribed burning, roller chopping, mowing, native supplemental plantings, wetland creation areas and hydrological restoration. By removing the exotic vegetation, this allows for the native vegetation to breathe and thrive.

Wildlife and Natural Vegetation at Babock
Trails that show Authentic Florida Vegetation at Babcock

Nature Trails Embody Authentic Florida

Whether it’s a break-of-dawn jog in advance of a busy day, a scenic bike ride to Founder’s Square to meet friends for lunch or casual meandering stroll through preserves, Babcock Ranch offers endless opportunities for outdoor exploration and connection with nature. Planned for over 100 miles of trails, Babcock Ranch trails cater to all abilities from the quarter mile Lake Bullhorn Trail in Bullhorn Park along the banks of its namesake lake to the four-mile network of paths within Bill Hammond Trails. These beautiful natural trails wind their way through the picturesque landscape of Babcock Ranch, offering a diverse range of experiences for all who tread upon them. As you traverse these well-maintained trails, one may also spot a variety of bird species, squirrels, alligators, turtles, and listen to the high-pitched chatter of Brazilian free-tailed bats in their bat houses.