Eco-Friendly Green Homes: How Are They Built?

Eco-friendly homes can include all the modern amenities you expect to find in a new home. The major difference is they are built with sustainability in mind. Here are a few key features of a green, eco-friendly home.

Powered By Clean Energy

Eco-friendly homes rely on clean energy to power the lights, heat, and cooling in your home. One of the most notable ways to power a home with clean energy in Florida is through solar panels and solar fields.

As the first solar-powered town in America, Babcock Ranch has partnered with Florida Power & Light (FPL) to create a Solar Energy Center. This center provides energy for the entire town and the surrounding area holding a 150-megawatt capacity.

Water Conscious

An eco-friendly home usually has limited turf coverage or utilizes low-impact trees. Why? Because having extensive lawns with non-native, exotic plants can consume a lot of water through irrigation.

At Babcock Ranch, turf coverage is limited to 30% of the landscaping and homeowners are required to use native, low-impact trees and shrubs for 75% of their landscaping.

Connected To Nature

One of the best things about being a green eco-friendly homeowner is that these homes are usually located in communities surrounded by nature. Whether it is parks, trails, or untouched forests, you will likely be surrounded by an abundance of flora and fauna!

Babcock Ranch homeowners enjoy access to community gardens, fishing, hiking, biking, and a trail network that, once completed, will span over 50 miles. Each neighborhood has access to a playground and residents are invited to grow their veggies at the community garden in the Lake Timber neighborhood!

Ready to join a greener way of living? Browse Babcock Ranch eco-friendly homes and contact a Town Ambassador. We will be happy to show you around our community and share more information about Babcock Ranch and its homes!