The Unique Combination of Town and Country

City people and country people – each group has their own reasons why they love where they live. Whether you’re living in the middle of Downtown Fort Myers where shops, restaurants, and other things to do in a brief walk or in rural Buckingham where the closest gas station is at least a 10-minute drive, each kind of living has its perks. But now, for the first time, you don’t have to choose.

Babcock Rach, a town that will eventually house 50,000 residents, will be a place where you can live both town AND country. Our innovative 18,000-acre site plan combines urban and rural to create a place that will cater to the needs of both groups and give residents the best flavors of both. Here, we’ll dive a little deeper into what makes Babcock Ranch town AND country.

Founders Square

Founder’s Square will be the hub and downtown district of Babcock Ranch. It will include Table & Tap Restaurant, an outfitters store that will provide hiking gear and apparel, a market that will offer a coffee shop, grab and go items, and an ice cream shop, a wellness center, and Woodlea Hall, Babcock Ranch’s first civic building and home to the town’s information center. We’ll also include a lakefront green space that will house a waterfront promenade and serve as a gathering place for future town events and celebrations.

“Creating a downtown Founder’s Square that encourages personal interaction is extremely important in creating a town that has a true sense of place,” said Bill Waddill, Senior Vice President, Kimley-Horn & Associates. “As we’ve thought about all of the uses that should be incorporated into Founder’s Square, a lot of it has been about the water, having access to the water, creating a promenade, a boardwalk along the water so you can get a sense of it as you’re strolling along it. Again, being respectful of the land, recognizing the large lakes that exist, but all the while incorporating all the key design components that create places where people can interact, where families can go and throw a Frisbee, or play with their children on a playground by the water, or a couple can stroll along the promenade, along the large lake, or they can go to the outfitters store and rent a canoe or kayak and go out on the lake system.”

Walkability to Nature and Downtown

Our team of town makers created neighborhoods, that by design, offer an immediate connection with nature. Every residence at Babcock Ranch will be within a five-minute walk of a park, a feature that not only affords residents an opportunity to create memories with their children and grandchildren, but also provides a venue for neighbors to socialize. Each neighborhood will also include a town garden, a dog park, lakeside fishing dock, observation deck, and a trail head that serves as a gateway to the town’s trail network. Lakefront green spaces and pathways will provide an immediate sense of connection with the lakes that are, perhaps, the town’s most endearing feature.

Additionally, our town makers wanted to make sure that each neighborhood was within a short walking distance to the hustle and bustle of Founder’s Square. For example, our first neighborhood, Lake Timber, will be a short walk to the Founder’s Square places above.

50 Miles of Nature Trails

Babcock Ranch is a place committed to being connected to nature and as such, we’ll have 50 miles of trailheads surrounding Babcock Ranch. Residents and their guests can stay truly connected to nature through hiking, walking, or even biking on our trails to see all that the beautiful area Babcock Ranch has to offer.