The Top Five Things to Know About Fiber Internet

From solar energy to transportation, Babcock Ranch is at the vanguard of cutting-edge technology.

Earlier this year, we announced we were taking another bold technology step for the solar-powered community in Southwest Florida by unveiling a partnership with CenturyLink to deliver one of the fastest residential internet speeds in the U.S.

CenturyLink’s data network will provide all residents access to internet speeds up to one gigabit per second, with even higher speeds available for area businesses. In addition, voice services and CenturyLink’s PrismTV interactive television service will also be available to each home.

But most of us have never experienced gigabit-per-second internet speeds, so here are the top five things to know about fiber internet.

#1: It’s Super Fast

Because Babcock Ranch is a new town, the utility crews can install the latest fiber-optic network right from the start without replacing slower existing copper wire.

Fiber optic technology transmits data at much higher speeds using glass or plastic wires than older copper-wire technology. For example, a 70-megabyte digital song takes about 22 seconds to download on most current internet lines today. But with 1-Gig service it takes half a second.

You get the idea: one gigabit-per second is so fast you’ll freak. That allows you to view TV shows, movies and play games. Plus, multiple users can connect their devices all at once without slowing down the internet connection.

#2: It’s Entertaining

Thanks to CenturyLink’s 1-Gig network, you can subscribe to PrismTV, the interactive television service that runs on the fiber network. You can watch the latest hit movies and sports programs without subscribing to another cable or satellite service.

With 1-Gig service, you can stream multiple high-definition movies and video chat without interruption on your computer or tablet. For example, it might take as long as four minutes to load a movie with regular internet speeds, but just 5.6 seconds with 1-Gig service.

#3: It Helps You Work Smarter, Not Longer

Businesses will benefit from faster internet speeds, too. That’s because companies are adopting cloud-based software that lets employees work from anywhere and any device.

That means businesses today need fast and reliable access to the internet to communicate with customers, vendors, and employees. CenturyLink’s network at Babcock Ranch will be among the most advanced in the nation, giving businesses locating there a superior advantage.

#4: It’s Educational

Students who live at Babcock Ranch will get first-hand experience learning about renewable energy. This is the first generation that will live with commercial solar power generating the energy for their classrooms and homes.

Because of super-fast internet, the children at the school will be able to use the latest computers powered by solar energy to learn science, technology, engineering, arts and math.

To learn more about the Babcock Neighborhood School, the K-8 public charter school in the town, visit

#5: It Can Improve Your Health

Telemedicine is the next frontier of health care and 1-Gig service will enable you to speak with your providers via video. While nothing beats an in-person consultation for more complex medical problems, your health care provider can answer routine health questions with near-instant access to your current vital statistics.

In addition, technology that monitors your health can communicate with physicians via faster internet speeds. Doctors will have access to your records at their fingertips if something is amiss.

To find out more about CenturyLink’s fiber internet and to schedule a visit to Babcock Ranch, call (941) 235-6900.