Tampa General Hospital and Kitson & Partners Announce Partnership to Offer World-Class Care to Residents of Babcock Ranch Community

Exciting news for Babcock Ranch, the pioneering solar-powered town in America, as it joins forces with Tampa General Hospital (TGH), renowned for its exceptional healthcare. This collaboration marks a significant milestone, blending TGH’s top-tier medical expertise with Babcock Ranch’s cutting-edge, sustainable living. Stacey Brandt, Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer at TGH, emphasizes the synergy of this partnership: “It’s a fusion of two forward-thinking entities, both dedicated to harnessing technology and innovation for enhanced community healthcare. Babcock Ranch residents can soon experience TGH’s premier medical services, mirroring their community’s advanced, tech-savvy ethos.” This alliance promises to elevate healthcare standards, aligning perfectly with Babcock Ranch’s futuristic vision.

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