Syd Kitson Named as Opening Ceremony Keynote Speaker for GreenTrends 2016

We’re very proud to announce that our very own Syd Kitson will be the keynote speaker for Green Trends 2016, a conference held by the Florida Green Building Coalition.

The annual GreenTrends Conference provides a unique opportunity for those in the industry to learn more about Florida’s green building industry and how to build sustainably. Each speaker specializes in green building or sustainability in his or her own way and the impressive lineup includes speakers from construction companies, legal offices, and more.

The conference begins October 20 and you can register here.

About The Florida Green Building Coalition

The host, the Florida Green Building Coalition, is an organization providing a place for sustainability-minded people to work together to create a more sustainable Florida. The independent nonprofit organization is made up of building and environmental experts that are on a mission to make Florida a better place.

As the first solar-powered town in the nation, we’re so excited to be a part of this amazing conference.

To learn more about GreenTrends 2016, click here.