Post Hurricane Irma Update

Hurricane Irma put our preparedness planning to a full-scale test before the first resident moves in and we are pleased to report our new town was up to the challenge. After allowing a week for employees to focus on their own homes and families, all Babcock Ranch offices and model homes re-opened Monday, September 18. Teachers will take that day to get resettled before classes get back into full swing on Tuesday, September 19.

Our inland location, on high ground beyond the reach of any storm surge, combined with Florida’s stringent building codes for new construction allowed Babcock Ranch to weather the eye of the massive storm with minimal damage. We did not have any water damage to any model homes and only minimal impacts to home exteriors from the extremely high winds.

Storm safety and resilience have factored into every element of the design and engineering of our new town. The real measure of resiliency is the speed of recovery. We’ll be settling right back into our regular routines next week.