The Latest Affordable Electric Car Arrives in Orlando

The future isn’t easy to see sometimes. My mother, for one, nearly walked right past it after her birthday dinner.

“That’s your electric?” she says as I point out the burgundy Chevy Bolt EV, hiding in plain sight in the restaurant parking lot. “It looks like a Beemer!”

Well, it’s not technically my electric, but otherwise she’s right: Elfin yet tall with a swooping window line, Chevy’s formidable entry into the affordable electric market looks like a slightly sportier BMW compact (high praise in her book). It’s not your grandfather’s compact, nor is it the Jetsons’ spacemobile that will jetpack us all into sustainability.

And yet, here’s the thing about the future: It sneaks up on you. Kind of like the tiny computers we suddenly all found ourselves carrying, or EDM beats showing up in Beyonce songs. Kind of like this car.

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