Keeping it Simple: Announcing the New & Improved Babcock Ranch Website!

At Babcock, we’re all about fast Internet and slow food. We want our town to be one that is reminiscent of the good old days. 4th of July parades, neighbors and cookouts, and overall, just a simple lifestyle – these are the things we want the future residents of Babcock Ranch to enjoy.

We’re making great headway at Babcock Ranch and we’ve been working very hard to answer the questions you’ve been asking. Over the past several weeks, we’ve been gathering this information for you and we’re even making it easier to find. This is where our new website – – comes in. (No more typing “” – make sure to update your bookmarks!)

Here’s what you will find on our newly updated website. But first…we’re giving away free stuff!

babcock-Tee-smWhat Do You Love About Babcock? Get a Babcock Care Package!

From social media to the press to people we meet in-person at our office, the comments are astounding. We also recently hit 10,000 likes on our Facebook page (make sure to like us there so you’ll get all the latest and greatest info!). To thank our fans, we’re doing something a little special.
We want to know what you love about Babcock and when you share your feedback with us, we’ll send you an official Babcock Ranch Care Package. This will include:

  • An “I Love Babcock” t-shirt
  • A Babcock Ranch bumper sticker
  • A physical copy of the Babcock Ranch Telegraph

Fill out the form on our Babcock Care Package page and you’ll get some great stuff!

Babcock Ranch’s First Neighborhood

Lake Timberbabc_lake_timber_icon_logo is the first official neighborhood of Babcock Ranch. It will feature 3 home collections:

  • The Harvest Collection
  • The Longleaf Collection
  • The Cottage Collection

With these collections, future residents will have a choice of custom-built lakefront residences, single-family porch homes with front or rear garages, or multi-family town homes and condos – all minutes from the amazing Downtown Babcock Ranch. Model homes will be available starting early 2017.

Babcock Ranch Builders

We’ve been working with some great local builders to be the first to put walls up in Babcock Ranch. On our new website, you can find out more information about our builders as well as the collections they’ll offer.

  • Stock Development

We’ve spent countless hours with our builders to create the homes we’re looking for in Babcock Ranch. As we’ve said before, Babcock Ranch won’t be your typical gated community in Florida (not that there’s anything wrong with that!). We just have different goals, which includes being the first solar-powered town in the country.

Town Makers

If our audience could take only one thing away from the updates to our website, it would be this: Babcock Ranch is a town being created and built by people. We’re a group of passionate individuals that want to create an amazing town built on innovation.

On our new website, you can meet the people behind the scenes. From our Executive Team to Development, you can hear what the creators of Babcock have to say about topics such as:

  • Babcock Architecture
  • The Art of Town Making
  • Civitas
  • Downtown
  • Nature
  • And more!

The Babcock Ranch Neighborhood School

Education BuildingThe Babcock Ranch Neighborhood School will offer educational programs to students in Southeast Charlotte County. Our school will prepare K-8 students to become independent, creative, and compassionate lifelong learners, leaders, and problem solvers.

We’d love to hear from the parents that are interested in Babcock Ranch and that would like to know more about the Babcock Ranch Neighborhood School. Visit our School page to learn more and fill out some information so we can better meet your needs!

As we head into autumn this year, we’ll continue to make announcements about floor plans, home designs, and more at Babcock. Make sure to stay tuned to the new website for all the latest and greatest info about Babcock.