How Solar Power Works at Babcock Ranch

Babcock Ranch is an innovative town with solar-powered homes and businesses constituting the largest solar-plus-storage system in the United States currently. But how do we manage to capture enough solar power and where exactly does it all go? Read on to learn more!

1. It Starts at the Center

The Babcock Ranch Solar Energy Center is the powerhouse of our town. Its 400+ acres are lined with solar panels that absorb sunlight and convert the energy into direct current (DC) electricity.

From there, the DC energy flows into power inverters and converts into alternating current (AC). The AC energy then travels through transformers to boost its voltage and distributes it into Babcock Ranch and surrounding areas.

2. A Commitment to Solar Powered Homes

Babcock Ranch currently uses the Solar Energy Center rather than individual rooftop solar units on homes. This is because large-scale solar plants can produce 2.5 times more energy with less cost overall. However, for added solar energy, homebuilders in Babcock Ranch also offer rooftop solar units as a standard option for homeowners.

Soon, The Babcock Ranch Solar Energy Center will provide energy to thousands of homes in Babcock Ranch and also the surrounding communities.

3. Powering An Emissions-Free Community

Take a look around Babcock Ranch and you’ll see solar trees, electric vehicle charging stations, and solar panels on the roofs of commercial buildings in Founder’s Square.

Solar trees are located around the neighborhood parks and serve as a great educational focal point for the community to learn more about solar energy.

4. Beyond Babcock Ranch

The 74.5 megawatts of energy from the Solar Energy Center are enough to power 19,500 homes and 6 million square feet of commercial space in Babcock Ranch. The leftover energy is used to power other areas of Southwest Florida.

With about 5,000 solar panels installed, the estimated production of 2,200 metric tons of carbon dioxide can be cut each year.

Learn About America’s First Solar-Powered Town

At Babcock Ranch, we facilitate a greener way of living by making it affordable and effortless. Innovative technology and initiatives help us conserve land, water, and energy while giving our residents a hometown feel with traditions.

Find out more about sustainability and solar power at Babcock Ranch. Contact a town ambassador or visit our Discovery Center to schedule a tour today.