Founders Square: The Home of Downtown Babcock Ranch

Construction is well underway at Babcock Ranch. Our model homes are set for completion in late February/early March and Downtown Babcock Ranch (officially named Founder’s Square) will be open to the public soon!

The band shell that will host concerts for those gathered on an inviting green has been completed. On the opposite side of the green, a splash pad is nearly finished and waiting to hear the playful laughter of children of all ages. Benches that offer inviting places to relax, read, have conversations with friends, or enjoy views of Lake Babcock have been installed. A lakefront boardwalk at the northern edge of the green beckons the young and the young at heart to take a stroll along the lake or, perhaps, to rent a kayak, paddle board, or row boat and enjoy being on the water.

This is Founder’s Square, the approximately 13-acre heart of the Downtown District at Babcock Ranch. On a high level, it will serve as Babcock’s central gathering place and the site of future community events and celebrations. In reality, it will be much more than a gathering place. Founder’s Square will be the anchor for every aspect of life in the new town.

Kayaking, Dining, and More

Visitors and homebuyer prospects will visit the information center at Woodlea Hall, Babcock’s first civic building that is scheduled to be completed in late February and is situated on the western edge of Founder’s Square.

Hikers, bikers, kayakers, boaters, and fishing enthusiasts will enjoy Curry Creek Outfitters that will be located next door to Woodlea Hall. The lakefront Table & Tap restaurant that is also scheduled for completion late this month includes indoor and outdoor dining and a beer garden immediately adjacent to the green at Founder’s Square. A towering 80-year old oak tree transplanted from the Babcock property provides a backdrop for the beer garden.

Aspiring and rejuvenated entrepreneurs will congregate at the Hatchery’s Encore Career Center, a unique place for the sharing of ideas and the creation of new enterprises. A 10,567 square feet market that will offer a coffee shop, grab and go items, and an ice cream shop is slated for completion in July at Founder’s Square. The Babcock Neighborhood School will open in the fall of 2017 across the street from Founder’s Square. And a comprehensive Wellness Center is scheduled for completion in the spring of 2018 on the eastern edge of the Square. Whether it’s relaxation, playing, celebrations, information, dining, commerce, education, or wellness, Founder’s Square is the place to be at Babcock Ranch.

The Center of Life at Babcock Ranch

But Founder’s Square is more than just the place to be. With Founder’s Square, Kitson & Partners has created a true center of town, that place where all facets of life are shared and lifelong memories are created. It will be that place where babies experience the tasty chill of ice cream for the first time, where their older siblings pop a balloon on the 4th of July, where middle school boys and girls stumble their way through conversations over a soda on the green, and where high school boys attempt to impress their dates while dining at Table & Tap.

Inspired ideas, business decisions and agreements will be discussed and forged over a glass of wine and dinner at the restaurant. Families will come to the Square to enjoy music, play on the splash pad, or throw a Frisbee, all the while creating moments that will never fade. Their neighbors will arrive by bike or on foot to join them and share good times as only true neighbors can. Moonlit proposals will be made on the green or the lakefront promenade.

Hikers, bikers, kayakers, and workout enthusiasts will recount their experiences and encourage one another over a cup of coffee while they enjoy lakeside breezes. Empty nesters and retirees will walk hand-in-hand along the boardwalk, laughing out loud over recollections of a life well lived and in anticipation of their next adventure.

First time visitors to the information center will feel the Square’s embrace and know they have arrived at a special moment in time. In sum, Founder’s Square will be a place where people of all ages and backgrounds come to fully engage and share those unique aspects of life that matter to them on a personal level and that will rarely be forgotten.

To learn more about Founder’s Square or to schedule a tour, contact us today.