Farm-to-Table Living: Trend vs. Lifestyle Change

“Farm-to-table” is a buzzword you’ve likely heard both around town and in the news in general. It’s one of the latest trends in food production both at home and in restaurants. If you’re unfamiliar with the farm-to-table concept, the idea behind it is exactly as the name entails: you grow veggies, fruit, herbs (and ideally ALL the food you’re going to cook) yourself and bring it right to your table (or have it served to you at a farm-to-table restaurant, which has popped up all over Southwest Florida). Just a 5-minute drive from Downtown Babcock we have Buckingham Farms as a notable farm-to-table restaurant in the area who have moved in this direction. There are a ton of other great places throughout southwest Florida.

The Local Food Movement

According to Utah State University, the Local Food Movement has gained traction in the United States recently.

Most researches accept that eating local means minimizing the distance between production and consumption, especially in relation to the modern mainstream food system.

Consumers are embracing the benefits of the Local Food Movement. According to a survey by the Food Marketing Institute, Americans state the following reasons they buy food local:

  • Freshness
  • Local economy support
  • Product knowledge (there is power in knowing your fruit or vegetable has been in your backyard!)

The Benefits of Farm-to-Table

The benefits of farm-to-table eating are profound and this trend is not going anywhere anytime soon. That’s why we’re building this into our plans for Babcock Ranch.

  • Health – it’s no secret that some larger retail grocers provide produce that has come into contact with pesticides at some point. According to ConsumerReports, there are 29 pesticides in the average American’s body. When you live farm-to-table, you can avoid this risk entirely. Additionally, when you grow your own produce, you’ll reap mental and social benefits as well. Think of gardening as a way to escape or to connect with your neighbors – that’s how life will be at Babcock Ranch.
  • Sustainability – needless to say, eating your own fruits and vegetables is a sustainable practice. If you piece together all the steps that go into getting produce to grocery stores, you’ll see just how much of an impact there is when you grow your own. For example, energy to grow it initially, transport to the store, transport from the store, chemicals involved, etc.
  • Economics – growing your own produce will also impact your own pockets. While you may need to invest initially in gardening supplies, the long-term benefits of growing your own produce. In an interview with Jennifer Coomer, an avid gardener of her own fruits and vegetables says she saves anywhere from $50-$100 a month on groceries.

Farm-to-table doesn’t just have to mean you grow your own food. You can also support local farmers and attend farmer’s markets to get locally grown produce. There are a number of farmer’s markets all around Southwest Florida and we really encourage you to check them out!

Babcock Ranch: Live the Farm-to-Table Lifestyle Every Day

Babcock Ranch completely embraces the idea of the Local Food Movement and the farm-to-table lifestyle. Our plans at Babcock include a community garden where you can grow, pick, and eat your own fruits and vegetables. We also hope that our future residents will do their part and potentially find other creative ways to garden at their homes. There are so many different ways to grow food right in your home. From Mason Jar indoor gardens to pallet gardens, there are endless ways to make farm-to-table fun – and we want to hear ideas from you!

The Town Makers of Babcock Ranch are innovative folks and we believe Southwest Florida has a ton to offer as well. We welcome you to share your ideas for farm-to-table living and if chosen. Whether it’s a creative way to garden, a recipe based on farm-to-table ingredients, or anything in between, we welcome you to share your ideas! If chosen, your idea could be featured on our website and social media (plus, other goodies!).

To give us an idea, simply comment below or contact us through our contact form.