Americana Bash

Join us in Founder's Square Friday, July 5 for this special concert offering a preview of our upcoming Nashville Night music festival and fundraiser starring Music City's brightest stars.

The evening will feature three bands born out of the Babcock Jams program, an initiative aimed at fostering a sense of community and uniting residents through music. Headlining the event is the renowned Nashville-based guitarist and singer-songwriter, Dave Isaacs, known as the “Nashville Guitar Guru.” Isaacs' band, with its dynamic blend of country, blues and rock, has already made a significant impact in the community, having been a highlight of Babcock Ranch’s inaugural Nashville Night last year.

Garganta, featuring Rio de Janiero-born vocalist Natasha Cabernite, will kick-of the concert. The band also includes Babcock Ranch resident bassist Jon Paulus and residents Melissa Habercorn, Ken Habercorn, and Amy Noel Walters on vocals and percussion, with Isaacs on guitar and vocals.

The Ranch Hands, another Babcock Jams creation, emerged from the shared love of bluegrass and the Grateful Dead between Kitson & Partners’ COO Al Dougherty and Isaacs. They will joined by Babcock Ranch's Ecologic Waste Management operations manager Tony Marinacci on acoustic guitar and vocals, with Cabernite and Paulus from Garganta, while Isaacs moves to mandolin.

The evening tops out with a performance by Dave Isaacs’ electric band, showcasing his high-energy and hard-grooving country-blues-rock style. Isaacs will be joined onstage by keyboardist Al Speed from Port St. Lucie, and bassist Keith Kenyon (Scott Holt band) and drummer Ed Simpson (Clint Black band) from Nashville, promising an unforgettable night of music.

The Americana Bash concert not only promises an evening of exceptional music but also aims to raise awareness about the Foundation's philanthropic efforts to support at-risk children in Southwest Florida.

Special thanks to DeAngelis Diamond for sponsoring this event.