Embracing the Holly & Jolly Heartbeat of Community 

Holiday events can become cherished traditions that are passed down through generations. Establishing and maintaining traditions helps build a vibrant and connected community.

Many holiday events include family-friendly activities, providing a safe and enjoyable environment for children and their families to strengthen bonds and create lasting memories.

As a new home community, Babcock Ranch appreciates the importance of community festivities year-round as they play a key role in bringing people together and nurturing connections. We find joy in traditions and merriment with our neighbors. And, in the spirit of the holiday season, we recap the many reasons to choose Babcock Ranch as your new home.

We kicked off our holiday celebrations with the enchanting aroma of hot chocolate and a sing-along with Santa, where laughter and melodies harmonized into pure delight. The tree lighting ceremony painted the night with a warm glow of holiday spirit. And our Community Menorah Lighting celebrated the Festival of Lights, fostering a sense of unity and shared joy.

Still to come, the “Jingle All the Way 5K” brings fun, fitness, and festive cheer. And let’s not forget the Bandstand Concert Series, where music becomes the backdrop for many memories made.  As always, our weekend food trucks offer delights to suit every taste. 

We will see lots of creativity and cheer as the holiday golf cart parade rolls through the streets. And, along the water, the holiday lights cruise will take us on a journey through a sea of shimmering lights.

A cozy evening under the stars creates the perfect setting for our holiday movie night. And ornament and cookie decorating let our creative spirit shine.

Year-Round Activities

In a new home community, the spirit of togetherness extends far beyond the holiday season. Babcock Ranch is buzzing with activity year-round, offering residents and visitors a variety of events that truly make it a special place to be. From the lively farmers markets to the weekend food trucks, there’s always something to look forward to. 

The Babcock Ranch Lifestyles team is continuously filling the calendar with a plethora of events for residents of all ages and interests. For the grown-ups seeking a sociable atmosphere, ‘Prosecco at the Pier’ and mixology classes offer the perfect backdrop for mingling and forging new friendships. Meanwhile, the younger ones can dive into the world of creativity with arts and crafts, enjoy the simple joys of bubbles, and bring color to the pavement with chalk the walk activities. Invigorating boot camps help residents stay active and healthy. Nature enthusiasts can anticipate enriching nature walks and talks, providing an opportunity to connect with the outdoors and foster a deeper appreciation for the environment. 

Where Fun is a Way of Life

As America’s most walkable, hikeable, and bikeable town, Babcock Ranch is seamlessly connected by a sprawling greenway and trail system. Happiness is a key component of a healthy life, and it’s important to have fun! Our interactive recreational spaces, gathering spots, nature trails, roadways, and waterways, are designed to create experiences that beckon you to stay longer and spend more time—it’s a place you will never want to leave. With our robust calendar of resident events and plentiful amenities, there’s always something to look forward to when you live here.

Events & Activities Enrich Residents’ Lives and Love for Babcock Ranch

Since moving to Babcock Ranch, Mike and Bang Lake along with their two daughters have developed a family routine centered around the community’s many activities, amenities, and events. If it’s Friday night, the Lakes are likely enjoying signature menu items created by local chefs participating in Food Truck Fridays and music performed by the area’s top talents as part of the new Bandstand Concert Series at Founder’s Square, the community’s social hub. Saturdays and Sundays often include a return to Founder’s Square for ice cream at Square Scoops Coffee & Creamery or brunch at the Lake House Kitchen & Bar against the backdrop of Lake Babcock. The Lakes’ social calendar is often filled with communitywide celebrations for the entire family.

“Babcock Ranch does a great job scheduling activities for every member of the family,” said Mike. “We attend the family drive-in movies, participate in the 5Ks, golf cart parades, and sign up the kids for every youth sports camp.”

For the Lakes, every event enriches their lives and their love for Babcock Ranch.

“These activities are opportunities to meet people from other neighborhoods and bring us together as a community,” said Bang.

It’s a great time to visit Babcock Ranch to see the magic of the community for yourself.