Considering Moving to Florida? Things to Know About Moving to Florida’s Gulf Coast

If you’re considering moving to Florida, you’ll find a warm welcome on the Gulf Coast.

Thanks to the reach of Interstate 75, Southwest Florida has traditionally been a destination for Midwesterners who travel down that road seeking warm weather in winter. That influence means people are more relaxed and friendly than other parts of the state.

The Gulf Coast is less developed and crowded than the east coast of Florida. Because of that, you’ll experience a more easygoing pace of life and you’ll get to where you want to go more easily.

Of course, the area’s boating, fishing, golfing and numerous outdoor activities attract people who love an active lifestyle. Restaurants, theaters, arenas and ballparks mean you’ll never run out of entertaining things to do.

So, if you’re considering moving to Florida, here are some things to know about moving to the Gulf Coast.

SWFL Weather

Put away your thick sweaters, wool hats and ski gloves. You won’t need them here.

Everyone loves Florida’s weather, especially in the winter. That’s because it rarely freezes south of Tampa thanks to the warm Gulf waters. Normal seasonal temperatures average 62 degrees in the winter, with a low of 53 degrees and a high of 72, according to the data from the National Weather Service.

Even the summers aren’t as hot as you might expect. The average temperature in the summer is 82 degrees because afternoon showers combined with breezes from the Gulf of Mexico bring cooler temperatures.

Sure, the state occasionally faces the threat of a hurricane from June to November. But Florida is well-prepared because emergency responders train for such events regularly, the state provides homeowners insurance and forecasters are able to warn you well ahead of time.

Nature Calls

When it comes to boating, fishing, kayaking and paddle boarding, you have an almost limitless number of options to enjoy yourself on the water. The Gulf Coast is blessed with estuaries rich in wildlife, freshwater rivers and lakes and the Gulf of Mexico’s abundant fisheries.

Humans and wildlife coexist peacefully here. Even alligators are passive creatures, preferring to be left alone to wallow in the mud or bask in the sun.

Birding is a popular pastime, especially when winter comes and migratory birds fly south. Armed with a good pair of binoculars, you’ll spy white pelicans, storks and other rare species nesting in Southwest Florida.

Sometimes, nature is right outside your front door. For example, at Babcock Ranch you can explore the adjacent 67,619-acre Babcock Ranch Preserve. Located within the Caloosahatchee River Basin, the preserve anchors a conservation corridor of public and private land that stretches from Lake Okeechobee to the Gulf of Mexico.

Be Entertained

The Gulf Coast’s abundance of fish, shrimp and crabs means seafood lovers won’t be disappointed by the variety of restaurants. Whether it’s waterfront dining, a casual lunch downtown or a fine restaurant to celebrate a special occasion, you’ll have plenty to choose from.

OpenTable, the online restaurant service, counts 886 restaurants in its Southwest Florida network. Even if you ate out every day, it would take you more than two years to eat once at every establishment.

If you like to watch professional sports, you’ll love baseball spring training in Southwest Florida. The Minnesota Twins and Boston Red Sox are big draws in Fort Myers, for example.

Broadway shows and international stars often make stops on their tours of Florida. Two popular venues are Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Hall in Fort Myers and Artis Naples.

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