Building with SIP Panels at Babcock Ranch

Homebuilders at Babcock Ranch are using some of the most innovative building materials on the market, ensuring the community is among the eco-friendliest in the world.

Structural integrated panels are the 21st century building material that forward-thinking homebuilders such as Fox Premier Builders are using at Babcock Ranch. Known by their initials, SIPs, these panels are better than wood-frame construction because they’re extremely strong, energy efficient and cost effective.

SIPs are made to order in a manufacturing plant by sandwiching an insulating foam between two boards. Builders can use them for floors, walls and roofs.

When a builder uses SIPs, the airtight envelope around your home provides continuous insulation, allowing for better control of indoor air quality. A mechanical ventilation system in your home filters for allergens and humidity, creating a better indoor climate.

SIP Panel Homes Reduce Energy Consumption

The panels help homeowners reduce their energy consumption, which benefits the environment. That’s because you may not need as large an air-conditioning unit and you won’t have to use it as much.

Recent tests have shown that a SIP room is 15 times more airtight than a stick-framed room with fiberglass insulation. This is important because as much as 40% of a home’s heat loss is due to air leaks.

Fact is, the construction and operation of buildings has a significant impact on the environment. Buildings account for 39% of total U.S. energy consumption and 38% of carbon dioxide emissions, according to the Structural Insulated Panel Association.

Buildings with SIPs at Babcock Ranch costs about the same as building with wood-frame construction when you factor in the labor savings from shorter construction times and less waste.

Homebuilders have an incentive to use SIPs because homes can be built much faster. An installation crew can cut framing time by 55% using SIPs compared with conventional wood framing because SIPs are ready to install when they reach the job site. Unlike traditional wood, there’s less waste because builders don’t have to cut anything at the job site. The National Association of Home Builders estimates that the construction of a 2,000-square-foot home produces 7,000 pounds of waste. The fabrication of SIPs reduces that amount drastically.

The major components of SIPs, foam and oriented strand board, take less energy to produce than other structural building materials. Oriented strand board is made from fast-growing and less-expensive wood grown in carefully managed forests. The production process uses small wood chips and highly automated machinery, resulting in a very efficient use of raw materials.

SIP Panel Homes at Babcock Ranch

If you’re considering a new home at Babcock Ranch, be sure to speak with a representative from Fox Premier Builders about the homes at Lake Timber. Family owned and operated for 14 years, Fox Premier Builders homes are built with environmental sensitivity from the start. Each green residence receives personalized, dedicated attention from top management. Learn more here.

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