Boost Your Exercise Routine! Benefits of Group Fitness Classes

Let’s be honest: Some days you just don’t feel like exercising.

Whether you run, cycle or walk, sometimes you’re just not motivated to get out there. You have all kinds of excuses: It’s hot, it’s raining or I have too much work to do are just some of them.

Even professional athletes hit slumps. That’s because your exercise routine can be downright boring.

If getting motivated to exercise is your challenge, perhaps you should consider joining a group to boost your exercise routine. It may be just the kind of motivation you need to get out the door.

Group fitness classes keep you accountable, they’re fun, you meet new people and they motivate you to reach new goals. A good instructor or group leader can make a big difference, too, in helping you become more fit.

In the long run, fitness means a better quality of life. People who exercise live longer, they need fewer medications and they can enjoy physical activities late into their lives.

Benefits of group fitness classes

There are group fitness classes for any interest you may have, from yoga to walking, running, kayaking or cycling. You’re sure to find like-minded people at Babcock Ranch because of the community’s focus on healthy living.

Here are some benefits you may find from group fitness classes, courtesy of the American College of Sports Medicine

  • Great for beginners. Most people know exercise is good for them, but they don’t know where to start. It can be intimidating starting and exercise class. But group fitness classes frequently offer beginner-level courses that help people start safely and effectively.
  • You might join a fitness class with friends or at the urging of an instructor. So, when you don’t show, they’re going to ask you why. On days you don’t feel like exercising, sometimes group expectations might be the trick that gets you going. Sometimes, group fitness classes track your progress and that keeps you accountable to a schedule, too.
  • Boredom is a big reason why many people quit an exercise program. Fitness classes often vary the program to keep things interesting, perhaps by rotating instructors or including music with the workouts. Joining other people with the same fitness goals can also keep things interesting as you make new friends.
  • Social connections. You might enjoy signing up for group fitness classes with friends who will keep you motivated. You will likely meet other people who share the same interests, whether it’s social or business-related.

Group Fitness at Babcock Ranch

At Babcock Ranch, group fitness will be everywhere. You might see groups of walkers strolling by Lake Babcock in the evening or a group of runners at first light. A yoga class might pop up on the lawn.

With 50 miles of trails and interconnecting neighborhoods, cyclists will be able to travel the length of the community. Or perhaps you can just ride your bike to the health club or the sunrise boot camp session at Founder’s Square.

Call Babcock Ranch at 941-200-1489 for more information about group fitness classes and events to boost your exercise routine.