Best Places to Retire in Florida

The new generation of Baby Boomers are now looking to move to the best cities that promote “successful ageing.” Baby Boomers are searching for the best places to retire in Florida and are looking for the most livable cities. Livable cities are described as cities that meet the needs of the retired; walkable and bikeable cities, where transportation is accounted for and where community engagement is actively promoted. Location and lifestyle are considered primary factors too, when it comes down to the best places to retire in Florida.

Retiring in Florida offers something for everyone: a warm climate, miles of white sandy beaches, proximity to airports, rich architectural history, and an active lifestyle. Heading South now offers retirees a different kind of retirement experience, a retirement experience that offers a model for future generations to come.

Retire in Florida at Babcock Ranch – A New Sustainable Town If you are looking for a retirement experience that offers a model for future generations, consider the new Town of Babcock Ranch in Southwest Florida. The Town of Babcock Ranch is a town in the making that is actively seeking those individuals that are looking for the best places to retire in Florida. Here are just a few of the reasons as to why you should retire at Babcock Ranch in Florida:

  • Babcock Ranch Promotes an Active Lifestyle: Babcock Ranch offers miles of interconnected bike paths bordering nature preserves, lakes, and Florida’s rich farmlands. Babcock Ranch is all about being outdoors and enjoying a walkable and bikeable lifestyle.
  • Babcock Ranch Proximity: The 73,000-acre Babcock Ranch Preserve and the 75,000-acre Cecil M. Webb Wildlife Management Area border Babcock Ranch; Babcock Ranch is at the epicenter of Southwest Florida’s newest growth corridor and is also situated 20 miles north of Southwest Florida International Airport, offering retirees both accessibility and a sense of place.
  • Babcock Ranch Promotes Innovation: Babcock Ranch is a town of the future, powered by the sun, and leading the way in urban sustainability. Babcock Ranch will have a 400-acre-on-site solar photovoltaic power plant, one of the largest in Florida to date.
  • Babcock Ranch Promotes Community Engagement: The goal at Babcock Ranch is to develop a strong sense of community, which can bring people together. Imagine local farmer’s markets and community bonfires, where neighbors are really neighbors and everyone knows you by name and greets you with a smile. Our community center will offer an array of family-oriented activities such as kayaking, nature tour guides, farmer’s markets, antique fairs, and much more!

Call Babcock Ranch Florida Home Today

Are you looking for a new place to call home for when you retire in Florida? Babcock Ranch is a new town in the making and we invite you to stay connected with us as development progresses. Babcock Ranch is the next best place to retire in Florida! The Babcock Ranch Development Office is located at 11390 Palm Beach Boulevard, Fort Myers, Florida 33905. Please call 941-235-6900 for an appointment or click here to contact us through our website and we’ll be happy to share more about the Babcock Ranch story and why you should retire to our new sustainable town.