Babcock Ranch & Washington Post

We’re pleased to announce that our very own Syd Kitson, CEO of Kitson & Partners, the Developer for Babcock Ranch has been selected to speak and participate in an upcoming digital exposé through The Washington Post. The Washington Post features live videos and interviews by way of their “Washington Post Live” platform. In these intimate, live-streamed interviews feature top-level government and business leaders, emerging voices and, newsmakers who discuss the most pressing national and global issues of the day. We’re honored they will feature Syd Kitson and our Babcock Ranch project.

We’re excited to have Syd interviewed at this national stage and introduce the rest of the country to the sustainable and environmentally mindful construction and development implementations that were a part of Babcock Ranch’s creation – and will continue to be in perpetuity.

A World in Balance: Solutions for Sustainability – November 16th
Program: 9:35am.

According to The Washington Post:

Humans are changing the Earth in unprecedented ways. Global population growth, changes in behavior and migration, and new trends in industry and technology may leave lasting impacts on natural resources and the environment.

On November 16, The Washington Post will bring together policymakers, business leaders and experts in the sustainability and conservation community to discuss new approaches for a sustainable future and assess the relationship between humans and the environment.

Speakers will debate the tradeoffs involved in conserving Earth’s natural resources, discuss new models for sustainable business practices and examine the relationship between democracy and sustainable development.

Watch the interviews here, here and here.