Babcock Ranch featured on 60 Minutes

While hard-hit Fort Myers, Florida, continues its recovery from Hurricane Ian, some hope can be found 12 miles to the northeast at the planned community of Babcock Ranch.

That’s where Syd Kitson and his partners built an environmentally friendly, fully sustainable town that they hoped would be hurricane proof. Kitson, an eco-conscious developer and former pro football player, rode out the hurricane at Babcock Ranch.

Unbelievably, none of the 5,000 people their lost power during the storm.

“We were in the bullseye,” Kitson told correspondent Bill Whitaker for this week’s 60 Minutes. “And I remember sitting here. I had the weather on. And the weather person says, ‘Well, this Category 4  hurricane is now heading for Babcock Ranch.'”

Watch the full 60 minutes interview – here.