Why Babcock Ranch is the Best Place to Retire in Florida

Babcock Ranch is at the forefront of new thinking about retirement.

Today’s retirees want to remain active, learn new skills, participate in local government, volunteer for worthy causes and even start their own small business. What’s more, they want to live in intergenerational communities where they’re not segregated by their age.

Babcock Ranch is the best place to retire in Florida because the new solar town will provide opportunities to fulfill these personal dreams and aspirations regardless of age. Consider these reasons why Babcock Ranch is the best place to retire in Florida:

Community Involvement at Babcock Ranch

A bedrock concept of Babcock Ranch’s founding is Civitas, a Latin term that calls for residents to participate and belong for the public good. Retirees bring decades of life and work experiences that will enrich Babcock Ranch. This civic engagement can take a variety of forms, from organizing a charitable event to volunteering at the Babcock Neighborhood School or getting involved in town government. Learn more about Civitas at Babcock Ranch here.

A Place for Encore Entrepreneurs

Babcock Ranch will provide opportunities for lifelong entrepreneurs to pursue their passion or mentor others at The Hatchery located downtown. The collaborative business incubator will offer open office space where entrepreneurs can meet and collaborate. In addition, there will be space to host speakers on a variety of business topics for continuous learning.

Health & Wellness

Babcock Ranch is designed to encourage health and wellness with 50 miles of trails for walking, jogging or biking. Curry Creek Outfitters can equip kayakers, hikers and birders with the latest gear. For those who prefer exercising indoors, a wellness center will anchor the east side of Founder’s Square, Babcock Ranch’s downtown area.

Farm to Table Living & More

Babcock Ranch will encourage community interests and passions. For example, each community within Babcock Ranch will have its own vegetable garden where residents can grow their own vegetables, fruits, and flowers. Community gardens are a natural extension of Babcock Ranch’s environmental sustainability vision, which seek to ensure that residents can meet their current needs in harmony with the environment. You can read more about Babcock Ranch’s agricultural roots and community gardens here.

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