Babcock Ranch: A Solar City Making Great Progress

We’re very excited to share the progress that has been made on the FPL Babcock Ranch Solar Energy Center! Located in Charlotte County over 400+ acres, the Solar Energy Center will provide energy to the future thousands of homes in the town of Babcock Ranch.

“We are honored and pleased that Florida Power and Light Company has selected Babcock Ranch for its next Solar Energy Center in Florida. Knowing this town will have a clean, renewable energy source with the capacity to not only power Babcock Ranch, but the greater community as well, is a game changer and consistent with the eco-sensitive values that are the core of our development philosophy.” – Syd Kitson, Chairman and CEO of Babcock Ranch

The FPL Babcock Ranch Solar Energy Center will provide 74.5 megawatts of solar capacity and will be serving FPL customers in both Babcock Ranch and the surrounding communities. As we continue to make progress on the town of Babcock Ranch overall, our solar panels have also seen great progress. Take a look at some recent pictures below!

Solar Panels Solar Panels build Solar Panels start

How Does Solar Energy Work?

There’s a lot of talk of solar energy and the benefits it provides, but just how does it work? Is it really beneficial? As sunlight hits the solar panels, the solar is in converted into direct current (DC) electricity before it flows into power inverters where it is converted into alternating current (AC). The zero-emissions electricity travels through transformers and the voltage is boosted for delivery onto the electric grid where it will be distributed to FPL customers at Babcock Ranch’s homes and businesses.