Babcock Neighborhood School earns strong marks in state assessments

Annual school grade cards provide a boost to morale as the new school year kicks off

Babcock Ranch, Florida – The 2020-21 school year is likely to go down in history as one of the most
challenging on record. But at Babcock Ranch, it will also be remembered as a year when teachers,
parents and students pressed past the adversity of a pandemic to keep on learning. The annual
Florida Standards Assessment (FSA) results released Thursday show all of the extra effort paid off in
student learning gains at all levels. Babcock High School (BHS), in its first year, is one of just two
Charlotte County Schools to earn an “A” grade. The K-8 students at Babcock Neighborhood School
(BNS) earned a “B” ranking, falling just a few tenths of a percentage short of an A.

“Our teachers had to make a lot of adjustments over the past year to make it safe for students and
families who chose to return to classrooms while also providing instruction for those who chose to learn
from home, but they did not let any of those distractions impact the quality of instruction,” said Shannon
Treece, principal of BNS and BHS. “We are not yet where we want to be, but we are headed in the right
direction and excited to start the new year off with validation that hard work pays off.”

BNS and BHS are public charter schools offering a unique “Green-STEAM” Project-Based Learning
curriculum. BNS opened with grades K-5 in the fall of 2017. The school has added a grade each year. The
state-of-the-art high school building now under construction is scheduled to open in the fall of 2022.

“Quality schools are the foundation of every great hometown, and our school has been instrumental in
creating real community here at Babcock Ranch,” said Syd Kitson, Chairman and CEO of Kitson &
Partners and the founder of Babcock Ranch. “I am thankful for the students, teachers and parents who
are continually striving to make our school and our community the best it can be.”

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