Addressing Water Management at Babcock Ranch

We have heard the concerns of some Babcock Ranch neighbors regarding recent flooding along State Road 31 and other local areas. In some instances, questions have been raised about whether the development work taking place at Babcock Ranch has contributed to these conditions. The most straightforward, honest answer is “No.” We want to share information about how Babcock Ranch has actually improved drainage for our neighbors as part of our commitment to environmentally responsible development.

Those of us who have been property owners in the area know that – for decades – water flow and flooding are not uncommon during periods of heavy rainfall. The past 30 days are simply unprecedented, with two 100-year rainfall events back to back that dumped nearly 30 inches of rain on all of us.

Fortunately, prior to this deluge of rain, Babcock Ranch had already begun constructing a chain of lakes along our side of State Road 31 that was specifically engineered to take water that is not from Babcock Ranch but rather from neighboring areas. During the past 30 days, our system has accepted as much as 45 million gallons of water every day that is not our water; because of this additional 80 acres of storage, we are helping to alleviate even further flooding on State Road 31 and on our neighbors’ properties.

We created the chain of lakes in conjunction with state and local agencies specifically to help our neighbors by addressing a water flow issue that has existed in this area for decades. We hope to help even further when we are able to begin making improvements to State Road 31 (those applications are in process, and we will begin just as soon as we receive approvals).

On the southern end of our property, the water from the chain of lakes and from the town of Babcock Ranch is discharged at a slower rate than it did even when we purchased the land. The system ensures that the water flowing south will not adversely impact our neighbors.

Environmental responsibility is at the core of the Babcock Ranch mission. Our development plans are based on best practices that serve not only the needs of our town, but also our neighbors and the greater region. As this new town comes to life, the master systems for water storage and drainage will have even more capacity.

The Babcock Ranch team looks forward to sharing a bright future together with our neighbors in Charlotte County, North Olga, Bayshore and Alva.